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Aafrien Restaurant Story

Modern Tandoori cooking originated over 500 years ago when such cuisines were only prepared for Kings and Aristocrats. At Aafrien, we would be bringing you this rich culinary experience straight from the kitchens of the royal palaces to your palates. Our unique tandoori recipes will redefine how you experience contemporary Indian cuisine. Our chefs use the freshest ingredients and aromatic spices to recreate the endless variety prevalent within Indian cuisine.

Through a carefully curated menu, we at Aafrien, the best Indian restaurant Toronto, Canada, offer our customers a range of mouth-watering Kebabs. From the classic tandoori chicken to the decadent Sufiani tikkas, our chefs at Aafrien Restaurant aim to provide you with a complete dining experience that strives to bring innovation and technique to age-old practices and redefine modern Indian cuisine.

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